IncrediBuild-XGE - Application Acceleration Platform


ISVs and OEMs: Want to take your products to a new level of performance?

Based on our award-winning IncrediBuild technology, IncrediBuild-XGE offers a revolutionary new approach to application acceleration that can accelerate your own products up to 30x faster or even more.

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Slash processing time & offer enhanced value to your customers

IncrediBuild-XGE acceleration technology can now be embedded in your own applications for dramatically faster results. Lengthy simulations, rendering tasks and time-intensive processes are processed in parallel, slashing wait time from hours to minutes.

Achieve HPC-level processing speeds with existing hardware:

 There's enough processing power in most organizations to create a virtual supercomputer. By harnessing idle CPU cycles from PCs and desktops in the local network, IncrediBuild-XGE enables your customers to achieve HPC capabilities at a fraction of the cost of a hardware-based HPC environment.

Convert your software to a lightning-fast distributed solution in no time:

In less than an afternoon, most Windows-based applications can be easily converted into accelerated distributed solutions. Want to see your software in action before you buy? Request a demo - Our technical team will guide you every step of the way so you can actually test-drive a working integration.

Lower the total cost of ownership and offer enhanced products to your customers:

Your customers can now harness the power of their entire network for efficient parallel processing. There's no additional hardware to purchase, resulting in tremendous savings. And faster, more cost-effective products mean happier customers.


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