Accelerate NVIDIA CodeWorks for Android 30x faster or more - Allowing You to Develop Mobile Games and Android Applications Faster

Would you like your projects to run faster? Make sure you run your NVIDIA CodeWorks for Android with IncrediBuild.


IncrediBuild and NVIDIA have teamed up and joined forces and include IncrediBuild acceleration capabilities in the NVIDIA package.


With IncrediBuild inside NVIDIA CodeWorks for Android, you can now develop games faster. Develop any Android app faster, get your NSight Tegra and Unreal Engine (also part of this package) compiled faster. But, we do not stop there. Check it out and see what other compute-intensive processes you have in your development cycles. Whatever that would be, we will help you make it run faster. From unit testing to rendering, shading, packaging or any other compute-intensive process, we will speed it up.


IncrediBuild accelerates NSight Tegra builds and Unreal Engine as well as many other tools and it is included in the NVIDIA CodeWorks for Android package.


IncrediBuild FreeDev is bundled in every copy of NVIDIA CodeWorks SDK.


Accelerate NVIDIA® Nsight™ CUDA development


Developing and compiling applications based on CUDA might be really demanding as CUDA compilation processes are CPU-intensive and time consuming, IncrediBuild’s distributed computing technology and predictive executions allow developers to highly parallelize and accelerate their CUDA compilations. This assists in decreasing your build time and gets you faster to market.


As CUDA applications, especially those developed under Visual Studio, usually have both CUDA and Win32 compilations, IncrediBuild will be able to address their performance challenges and use parallelism and distributed capabilities to dramatically accelerate both types of builds.


IncrediBuild FreeDev include IncrediBuild for Visual Studio and the IncrediBuild for Make & Build solutions that you may need to use to accelerate CUDA-based development.